Micro Rain Radar


The newly developed hardware of the MRR-PRO combines the unique Micro Rain Radar technique of the MRR-2 and a high performance processing unit which significantly improves all operation parameters. The system allows precise measurements of the Doppler spectra caused by hydrometeors and yields the rain rate, liquid water content and drop size distribution for the liquid phase. All computations including automatic melting zone detection are integrated in the outdoor electronics. The system has been evolved to be a powerful stand-alone profiler for investigations of precipitation and cloud dynamics with very low installation and logistics effort.

|| MRR-2

The Micro Rain Radar MRR-2 measures profiles of Doppler spectra and derives drop size distributions, rainrates, liquid water contents, radar reflectivity factors, Doppler velocities, path integrated attenuation.

Due to the easy set up and the insensitivity to surrounding structures as mast, buildings or trees the MRR-2 represents a ideal, practically maintenance-free measuring platform in all kinds of hydrometeorological installations-even a tremote sites.

The raw data of the MRR-2 radar front end are transmitted via RS422 serial line or Ethernet port to a standard pc device over a distance up to 100 m for further data calculation, data storage and remote access. Alternatively single board pc units with low power consumption can be used.

Technical Specifications
Transmit power: 50 mW
Frequency: 24,23 GHz
Beam width: 1,5
Averaging interval: 10 -3600 s
Height resolution: 10 -200 m
Number of range gates: up to 30
Detection threshold: 1/100 mm/h

 (height 500 m, height resolution 100 m, time resolution 10 s)
Antenna heating (option): 230 VAC
Interface: RS422/RS232
optional: LAN
Power supply: 24 VDC, 25 W
Weight (without power supply and cable): 6 kg