Aerosol Lidar

|| 3D Scanning Aerrosol LIDAR 


레이메트릭스사의 3D 스캐닝에어로졸 LIDAR는 대기에 대해 다양한 중요 정보를 제공하도록 설계된 원격 레이저 관측장비입니다. 에어로졸 LIDAR는 윈드도플러 LIDAR와는 달리, 입자들의 움직임이 아닌 입자 자체를 측정합니다. 원격 시정 감지(SVR,RVR,VOR), 공간적 안개 감지, 원격 운저고도 측정같은 응용 프로그램들의 활용이 가능하게 됩니다. Full 3D 스캔능력, 강력한 레이저 그리고 대형 망원경이 장착된 레이메트릭스의 LR111-ESS-D200은 LIDAR 분야에서 가장 강력하며 안전한 3D 스캐닝 LIDAR입니다.

3D Aerosol LIDAR는 싱가포르(국립환경국), 칠레(칠레 기상청), 프랑스(프랑스 기상청), 독일 (SESAR 프로젝트), 그리스 (Eleftherias Venizelos 공항), alc 아제르바이잔(Heydar 국제 공항)을 포함하는 많은 국가에서 기상학 및 항공용 응용프로그램으로 사용되어 왔습니다.


Remote Visibility
•SVR, RVR, VOR (Vertical Optical Range)
Fog Detection
•Incoming fog bank detection
•Fog cannot by pass as with in-situ sensors
3D Cloud Base
•Remote cloud base –for forecasting
•Total cloud cover –in 3D
Volcanic Ash
•Definitive volcanic ash identification
•Altitudes of ash layers
Aerosol Monitoring
•Partial distinction (fire smoke, anthropogenic pollution, volcanic ash, dust, marine aerosols)
•Planetary Boundary Layer(PBL) –including mixing height, up and down drafts, aerosol loading

|| Raman Depolarization LIDAR


The LR111-D300 model LIDAR is an active lase remote sensing instrument designed to provide a wealth of information about the atmosphere, including aerosol loading, PBL mixing height, definitive identification of volcanic ash and ash layer heights. The system can also be upgraded to detect water vapour, allowing for remote humidity profilling(night only). Designed for meteorological and aviation applications, the specifications have been determined according to Met Office (UK) and EARLNET (European LIDAR Network) requirements, making the LR111-D300 probably the most powerful eye-safe Aerosol LIDAR available commercially.


•PBL structure/mixing height

•Weather model forecast validation

•Air quality/pollution model remote data

•Volcanic ash/smoke/dust identification

•Volcanic ash layer altitudes

•Humidity profiling (upgrade -night only)

•Cloud/precipitation measurement

•Aerosol loading/layering

•Optical depth (vertical visibility)

|| Customized LIDARs


Raymetrics has several products with fixed specifications, including an LR111-ESS-D200 model scanning LIDAR for applications

including fog detection, visibility monitoring and plume monitoring; and an LR111-D300 model vertical LIDAR for meteorological

applications including volcanic ash detection and Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) studies. However we also offer our clients

multiple options to modify their LIDARs according to requirements and budgets. Raymetrics produces LIDARs from within a

standard range of components. Specifications which can be varied include:

•Laser energy

•Telescope diameter

•Backscatter wavelengths (UV, Visible, IR)

•Cross-polarization wavelength options

•Nitrogen Raman options

•Water vapour Raman option (requires large telescope and high energy laser)

•Vertical or 3D scanning deployments



• Volcanic Ash Detection
• Water Vapour (Humidity)
• Fog Detection
• Remote Visibility/Slant Visual Range
• PBL Depth
• Smoke Detection
• 3D Cloud Base
• Aerosol Discrimination
• Aerosol/Dust Layering
• Detection of Pollution Sources
• Water/Ice Cloud Determination
• Plume Tracking
• Backscatter Coefficient
• Colour Ratio
• Depolarization Ratio
• Extinction Coefficient
• Optical Depth
• Extinction-to-Backscatter Ratio